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100821 Annie Are You Okay?

Annie are you okay?


  • Row                calories
  • thrusters        db/kb           
  • SDHP              24/20kg
  • Burpee 
  • MB Clean        14/20lb
  • WB                 14/20lb      8’/10’


MRSA – What does this mean to you?

7 Responses

  1. Anthony

    Great job by both teams making sure everybody worked hard! Great having a west coast firebreather in the box today(great to see you Doc Rooks) Way to turn it up a notch Karen, Jamie, and Molly! And I think Lem was back but I'm not sure if that was him! Two weeks of drunken crossfit does that!

  2. Major

    It felt good to be part of the Team today even though those thrusters kicked my ass. It was great having Doc with us for a few days. His youthful enthusiasm is infectious.

    Great job by the Saturday OnRamp crew as well. Those barbell cleans were looking, well, clean. Nice job on a tough wod.

  3. Schoen

    I'm sure Annie is fine. It's the rest of us who should be asked that question. She sure WHOOPED my ass. Not easy, gotta love it.

  4. JIm "Doc" Rooks

    Thanks to all of you at BDCF, a great gym! It is indeed a pleasure to workout with such a pleasant group of men and women. Tony and Pam you are an awesome couple, thanks for your encouragement on that Saturday workout. Juanita, keep up that fabulous spirit. Talk about firebreathers–Seems like everyone at BDCF is one. Great to see the tremendous progress of Beth. Brett and I along with Lily hope to have a 3 generation CF workout there someday soon.

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