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100820 C&J

Strength:   C&J 

3, 2, 2, 1, 


  • 5  x  ab wheel – push up and knee tucks
  • 400m  row interval =  100 easy/100 hard  x 2

MRSA – What does this mean to you?

4 Responses

  1. anthony

    Awesome job by the 8/9 am group. Nice to see hard work and new PR's! Wait til we go heavy!!! Me thinks the conspiracy continues….no Lem and Trey and Sam are showing up on different days just so I don't figure out the "plan"

  2. holbart

    What does it mean to be in a homeostatic environment? Homeostatis tends to connotate resistance to change, but in reality, a healthy person is one who is able to adapt to change without loosing internal integrity of both mind and body. A healthy person bends rather than breaks in the face of challenges. Crossfit's philosophy is forged in such a philosophy. Its banner being "constantly varied functional movements," it exposes the mind and body to new challenges with the goal of developing a strength that is more dynamic than static in its essence. Many think Crossfit is primarily about strength or speed or agility, but it's not. The ultimate goal of Crossfit is flexibility, flexibility of the mind and will.

    . . . gotta go, will write about MRSA later.

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