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100819 BS

Quote from yesterday at the Dog Pound (I have no idea what the context of this was):

I don’t want my butt to bleed

no, that’s never good.


Strength:   BS

  • 5   x  75%
  • 3   x  85%
  • 1+ x  95%


For time: 

  • Lateral and Front Plank holds for time
  • L-Sit from pull ups bars

 MRSA – What does this mean to you?


12 Responses

  1. Anthony

    Why does the quote of the day only occur on "Snatch" day? Which happens to be hump day? And where are Sam, Lem, and Trey…..?

  2. Anthony

    Ok Trey's back, but still no Sam and Lem. Somethings up! Getting ready for the mission now that the physical training is done….unless it was romantic getaway! All these code names, use your real names are is this one big conspiracy?

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