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100816 DL

Strength:   DL 

  • 5   x  75%
  • 3   x  85%
  • 1+ x  95% 


For time: 

  • 800m run
  • 25  x  step up w/kb                 16/24kg x 2  (each leg)
  • 50  x  leg levers

3 Responses

  1. Greg Major

    The Dog Pound welcome's Mari to her first Big Dog WOD. Great job this morning. Great work by the rest of the early morning crew. At 8:00 AM Michael, Mary, Bev and Karen knocked it out then the Tony and I took our turn.
    Bev then joined us in 100 woodchops, or pork chops or whatever they're called.

  2. Caveman

    Pork chops would've been better. Whoever told Lem, Trey, and Sam that they can't come to the box please let them come back, give them their balls back, or sign their permission slip! We miss'em in a manly way!

  3. Green Eggs and Ham

    Uncle Tony…

    Lack of sleeping + Lack of eating + Working Crazy hours + Fasting = No excuses!

    I'll be in today… PM~

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