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100814 360 deg

For time: 

  • 60  x  ghd mb partner toss  10/14lb
  • 60  x  thrusters                    75/95lb
  • 60  x  oh lunges                   16/24kg
  • 60  x  toes to bar
  • 60  x  ghd ext.                     25/35lb  plate
  • 60  x  beck’s burpees          (ea)

5 Responses

  1. Bruce

    I am working today, and won't be in, but that looks like fun… Tear it up everyone! See some of you on Sunday for some make up work.

  2. Anthony

    Great working with the youngsters today. Jamie, thanks for the push on ghd's! Phil and Larry….Ted's calling you guys out, big box jump today!

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