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M/C – Teams:

For time: 

  • 30   x  cal row               (ea.)
  • 60   x  mb – partner pass w/rotation
  • 90   x  bj                        (24/32”)
  • 120 x  wb                      (14/20# – 8/10’)
  • 150 x  knees to chest (bar)
  • 180 x  lunges
  • 210 x  jump rope         (ea.) (singles)
  • 3km x row

3 Responses

  1. Anthony

    Ok, great job by all this morning! Way to attack, great effort by Sherman. Let’s attack our fears and weaknesses and make them our strengths!
    Open gym tomorrow-lets work!
    Don’t forget, entry money and photos have to be in this week for the naked challenge!
    Get signed up for FIGHT GONE BAD! Its just a workout people!

  2. Tony Blauer

    The next time you feel it-fight it. Challenge your fear. Attack your fear. Do not fear fear. We all feel it. Fight your fear first then fight your physical foe!

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