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  1. caveman

    SOMEBODY GET ON THE MORNING MAFIA ABOUT THE LOOK BETTER NAKED CHALLENGE!!!!! It"s about looking better, changing what you got!!

  2. Ghandi

    Hey Saprano, settle down. There are occasions in life when yelling real loud isn’t the most effective way to get something done. You’ll attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. Be the ball.

  3. Beverly

    Ok, Caveman. I’ll take the naked challenge. But NO naked pictures! I wouldn’t want to make the others jealous.

  4. Gio

    I sent out an email with the Challenge information. If you did not receive one and are interested in participating please leave a msg here on this board so that I can send you one.

    P.S. email me directly if you prefer that way I can also save your email address for future events or articles of interest.

  5. Anthony

    ok….if you wish to wear a to a towel , wear it! Lisa- 8 week challenge, biggest/best transformation. Weight/body fat loss, pictures before and after, body fat measurements. It’s based on transformation, everybody is different so it’s gonna be fun to try to win. $10 entry, winner take all. Must keep a journal in regards to diet and workout. Juanita and Beverly, way to lead the fight! Wendy, thanks for the push this morning!!!

  6. Tom

    The winner should also have their final photo put on a t-shirt, as long as it’s not a dude. ha-ha.

    The judgers are both guys.
    I think you need to add a lady judge.

  7. Gio

    Email sent Lisa.
    @Tom – No. You have the wrong information. Only one judge and that is Tony. Not Greg, not Gio.

    I do like the T-shirt idea although many here would balk at the fact that it’s going to be even shown in public (us in the box).

    How about a Photoshop of your body with their head on it? This may sell.

  8. Gio

    @towel – If that’s the only thing that is going to lose weight, then yes. By all means wear it from the top all the way down to your navel.

    Thank you.

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