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100727 Creepers

Buy in:  15  x  ring dips


Three rounds for time:

  • 10  x  dl            225/185lb
  • 10  x  kbs (r)      32/24 (m)     24/20/16 (w)
  • 10  x  burpee to pull-ups

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  1. harry callahan

    "Exactly. Reasonable suspicion. I can go anywhere I please if I have
    reasonable suspicion. Now if I have suspicion a felony’s been
    committed, I can just walk right in here anytime I feel like it, ’cause
    I got this badge, I got this gun, and I got the love of Jesus right
    here in my pretty green eyes."

  2. Major

    If you’re reading this, look to the right. See the Fight Gone Bad 5 widget? Click on it > Create an account > Pick BULLDOG CROSSFIT as your team > Make a donation of any kind > Send it to everyone you know and start raising money.

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