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100723 Friday Special

Buy in:   10  Burpee to pull ups

Todays WOD:

Three rounds for time:

 * 3  x  cl             135/105lb
 * 6  x  pj
 * 9  x  push ups 

OnRamp Bootcamp WOD

3 Rounds for time:

400m Run
15 Push-ups

6 Responses

  1. Citizen

    I’ve been in the gym a few times to hear two members yelling at each other about giving it their all and taking no prisoners. I thought this was just two testosterone guys being muscle heads. When I found out they were partners on the Chicago Police Department, I thought they were just two show offs. But I realized today that these two are very sincere in what they do and in their beliefs. I know understand when they encourage everyone to get it their all and why they are so passionate about it(one in particular). In their in off work, they have to. But they do it daily, and so should we. They are what crossfit is all about, giving everything you can for those minutes we train. I want to tell them I’m sorry for those officers they recently lost. "Let the work that I’ve done speak for me." Inscription inside of Ofc Michael Bailey’s coffin. Thank you fellas

  2. Not Sam


    My name is pretty well known in this box. I don’t consider myself a celebrity by any means. I have come embrace CHANGE and have allowed myself to do so. I feel that its important for you to know, that in this gym unlike the real world it DOES NOT matter where you finish. It just matters that you showed up and STARTED!
    I know some of the dogs in the yard, don’t agree with me. But hey…. as I’ve learned to say. You can’t argue with results!

  3. anthony

    I have to say that both Larry and I were touched by what Citizen had to say. We both believe that you should give 100% when you’re in the box. Put everything you have into those minutes and finish strong. The best part of Crossfit is that you don’t have have to finish first each day, YOU JUST HAVE TO FINISH. You accomplish so much by showing up. As long as you embrace the change and the suck, you continue to get better. Strong mind, body, and spirit is what Crossfit is all about. We want to be able to bring our CPD attitude/beliefs to Crossfit and vice versa. We’ve both fallen down at, but we get right up and kick somethings ass as a result. Do that in the box and watch who you change. We just want EVERYBODY in our box to be Firebreathers in way or another! Just realize that you can only get better each day. With Crossfit, its so much better. Thank you to whomever wrote the nice post. Larry and Anthony

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