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Buy in:  500m row for time


Two rounds For time:

  • 30  x  double unders (90 singles)
  • 10  x  ‘L’ sit on rings
  • 10  x  parallette push-ups
  • 10  x  superman’s
  • 10  x  ghd ext.


OnRamp Bootcamp

Med Ball deadlift
PVC Push Press


5 Responses

  1. Schoen

    By Molly do you mean me? Seeing as there are now 3 Molly’s at the pound it’s a bit confusing, but given that you’re talking about handstands and I’ve creamed you so far when it comes to them, I can only assume… 🙂

    But what the heck are you talking about? Birthday songs??

  2. Greg Major

    Today is Pam’s Birthday. We played some Happy Birthday tunes and I did my famous Birthday dance. It’s Tony’s favorite.

  3. anthony

    You’re dance is one of the more memorable one’s….like my wedding day or Lem in Cabo with a dozen spanish strippers who no habla! I got you on the run now Molly!

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