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Buy in:  40  x  sit ups     25/35lb



  • thrusters  x  95 / 65lb
  • pull-ups


Big Boys – Uber Fran


  • thrusters   x   115/95
  • pull ups     x     45/25

OnRamp Bootcamp
200m Run
200m Run

3 Responses

  1. anthony

    Remember all, give it everything you can. Get out of the comfort zone. No stopping to talk or complain. No resting while you hydrate. No panicing because of a little blood. Its GO, GO, GO! Give everything you can in case one day you actually have to. We ask you to get out of the comfort zone ±20 minutes each day….rest the other 23.5 hours. Do things that others can’t so you can be better. Live each day by kicking somethings ass! Say a prayer for a fallen brother today, a guy who gave everything.

  2. Schoen

    Extremely well said Tony.

    I heard the news. I’m so sorry to hear. I’ll royally kick Fran’s ass in his memory.

  3. Jillian

    I hear ya- Caveman!
    Phil, way to rock out the uber Fran…….I didn’t think it was possible to do anything in 3:25, Holy crap you rock star!

    Still feeling the effects of uber Fran today, sure hope she doesn’t continue to bite me in the ass at the Oly meet at WCCF- eeeks

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