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Vegetarian – that’s an old Indian word meaning ‘lousy hunter’.” ~ Andy Rooney 🙂

I’ve heard of the Dog Days of Summer, but at Bulldog that means get yer ASS to the Dog Pound.  Holiday weekend is over.  We have lot’s of new Bulldogs starting and they’re hungry.  Did you see the list from yesterdays OnRamp classes?  Soon they’ll be nipping at your butt and then before you know it you’ll be trying to catch them.  Let’s go!!  WOOF! WOOF! — The Major


Buy in:  Sn   5 – 5 – 5


Two rounds for time:
30  x  cousins         10/14/20  mb*
30  x  bj                  20/24/32 in.
30  x  plank to elbows

Cousins are bad, but creepy uncles are worse


400m Run
40 Squats
30 Sit-ups
20 Push-ups
10 Jumping pull-ups

7 Responses

  1. caveman

    Could you mean the 12 DAYS OF SUFFER? We’ve got new crossfitters coming in to push us and make us better! And we’ve got to push them to make ourselves better. Some are old timers here, wear that badge proudly. You’ve done what they’re getting ready to do and our always ready for another challenge. Lead by example, take charge, show them what you got. Finish what others can’t or will not do! Beat them and take no prisoners! Well said Gio!

  2. Darkside

    Watch out because one old dog likes to call those victims! Your suffering and he’s still working with the sweatshirt on! Be afraid, very afraid. He may be nice, but there is evil in that heart

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