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100625 – Fri

Buy in:  20 leg levers

CF Baseball!

Two teams  – Rules:

At Go!: 

  • 10  x  push ups – only time you will do push ups is at the start.
  • Run to Scoville  –  15  x  squats
  • Run to gym       –    15  x  pp          45/35lb bb
  • Run to Scoville  –  15  x  burpees
  • Run to gym       –    15  x  pull ups  =  1 run


Team with most points wins.

Losing Team has to do 30 Tire flips.  As a Team.

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  1. anthony

    We had visitors this week in Brad(recent West Point graduate) and Joan. Both worked their butts off and pushed us to the limit. Wish them both luck and keep them in your prayers until he safely comes back from overseas.

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