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100617 – FGB

Fight Gone Bad  – 

Three Rounds of:

One (1) minute per station

Five (5) exercises

One (1) minute rest in between.

For total points:

  1. wb     x   20/14lb
  2. sdhp  x   75/55lb
  3. bj       x   20”
  4. pp      x   75/55lb
  5. row    x   calories

10 Responses

  1. Christian

    Only after returning home did I see that I should have been jumping on a 20" box (vs. the 24" box Jaime & I both used). That has to be worth a couple of extra credit points, right 🙂

  2. Maritza

    Hey, Christian….you and Jaime aced that 20" box! I hope to graduate to that one soon from my little training shoe box. Everyone kicked butt!

  3. The Major

    When we do the fund raiser in Sept, you’ll be using the 20" box. You guys did great considering you were using the 24" box. Too bad speculation on how you might have done doesn’t count.

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