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What You Don’t Know About the Push-up

Zach Dechant

Published: June 2, 2010

The push-up is quite possibly one of the best exercises athletes can do. Most athletes and coaches only associate push-ups with the chest and triceps, but they’re a great exercise for upper back strength and shoulder proprioception as well as for ingraining proper torso stability patterns.

Reaping the benefits of the push-up means focusing on correct technique first and foremost. I believe throwing athletes should have push-ups in every phase of their program. At TCU, our baseball athletes and quarterbacks incorporate some form of the push-up year round in their training. At various times, we even eliminate all forms of pressing in lieu of the push-up and its many variations.

So why is the push-up so good?  Let’s learn

FS  –  5-3-3-1-1-1-1



For time:

  • 30  x  du’s
  • 30  x  pull ups
  • 30  x  russian twists
  • 800m run


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