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WOD 100602 – BS

S:  BS      80%, 85%, 90%

  • 5
  • 3
  • 3+


Tag Team  –  Dual Row & Run

  • Run  –  2400m  = 400, 600, 800 or combinations there of.
  • Row  –  1600m – No one can row more than 500m at a time.


Partners will tackle the run/row combination until the prescribed distance is covered in both events.

Time stops when both distances have been completed.

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  1. Larson

    If you are going to WCCF’s Murph Day this coming Saturday be aware of a few things: Don’t do anymore pullups or pushups this week….Seriously though, a couple things to note-they’re having a pig roast after the wod and it’s gonna be a big potluck/drinking party after. Feel free to bring a side dish to share. If you want in on the food it’s $15.

    Even if you aren’t doing Murph stop by and watch some awesomeness. I think there’s over 150 people registered so far and a group of us BDCF’ers are going at noon and 12:45. Go to for more info. People will probably be hanging out til about 5pmish.

    Also you must make some sort of Donation to compete in Murph. This could be anything from $1-$20. They’ll have forms available that day for you to fill out and you can just give the coaches cash. Also they will again have a sweet Murph Day t-shirt which I’m pretty sure will be $20 again. It’s the same style as the navy one from last year, but it’s a different color this year. So bring your wallets bitches. Oh, and Tony, bring your balls too.

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