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Inspiration and failures…

If you do nothing else, read this today.  Ask yourself if and how it applies to you.  Then give us your thoughts in comments.  You can do so annonymously if you like. 

From “The Battle That Lies Within
a blog by Patrick Curtis, Bulldog Bootcamp instructor and extraordinary CrossFit athlete.

Today I was browsing around some of my favorite Crossfit blogs doing some research and looking for new training tips.  A suggestion from a friend lead me to Dutch Lowy’s blog.  His blog is written very well and gave some great perspective in regards to Crossfit and Olympic lifting.  Today he wrote about Olympic lifting and how people his same size can snatch 2 times what he can.  He was obviously referring to the best Olympic lifters in the world.  In his blog was a video clip from the 2009 world championships and was the 69kg class.  What an amazing video…truly inspiring.  I watched this video not just to watch it but to learn from it. I watched a number of times and tried to see what made their lifts so effective.  Read the full article

2 Responses

  1. holbart

    Fear of failure . . . Is this something that holds me back from learning good technique, being patient, working hard? In my novice naivete, my answer right now is, "No." For me, Crossfit is recess, playtime, it is like a giant, life-sized jungle gym. In a nutshell, it is plain old-fashioned FUN. I love engaging the process of discovery, and I find great internal reward in working hard, in setting goals and moving closer to them. I love experiencing the small successes along the way. I also love doing this in a supportive community where there is a soft place to fall when I do fail. I just do not feel the slightest bit judged at Crossfit. Any judgments I do experience come from within my own soul.

    Lest this sound like the arrogance of the naive novice, I have my demons, some of which I know of and some I have yet to learn about. What I am aware of is that I do hold back when I really need to go after something. I find this tricky because, in high school, nothing would hold me back but the compulsiveness and short-sightedness that came with it was self-destructive. Throughout my 20’s, I learned to embrace a more holistic approach to life which taught me to value process over outcomes, relationships over tasks. I learned to have fun, but my ambitious, go-getter side was shoved in the closet in order to learn this. Now, in my 30’s, I am trying to figure out how to be that courageous go-getter who doesn’t lose sight of the bigger picture in life. It is a tricky balance. How do I know when I am holding back too much? How do I know when I am getting too compulsive about something? I guess, like any endeavor, I judge my approach to Crossfit by its fruit. If I am a more loving, humble, fun-loving and courageous human being, then I am doing something right. If I become more egotistical, overly intense, and self-preoccupied, something is wrong.

  2. Greg Major

    Thanks for sharing. You’re definitely on the right track and it’s a pleasure having you as part of our community.

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