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Trevor Follow-up

What a fantastic event!  We had 48 athletes take on the Trevor Win’E Memorial Day Challenge yesterday.  In doing so we raised $2400 for the Trevor Win’E Fund to send cooling vests to our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

We had two teams from CrossFit Amplify, a team from CrossFit Naperville, and then Team Chiropractor.  I don’t know where they came from but I love their shirts (Chiropractors do it on a table).  The competition was fun with some very good athletes taking part.  The winning team was the Junk Yard Dogs comprised of Bulldog Bootcamp & CrossFit trainers.

But todays event wasn’t as much about the competition as it was about the efforts of our soldiers, past, present, and future to keep our country safe.  The team most noteworthy yesterday was not the winning team.  As a matter of fact, they had the slowest time.  This team was comprised of Christie, a Bootcamper who just love to take on new challenges;  Alec, age 13, is the son of Larry, one of our original members and one Chicago’s finest; Beverly and Jaime, a husband and wife who have just finished their first week of the OnRamp program.   Beverly and Jaime originally showed up to watch and show support but when they were asked to round a team with Christie and Alec, they didn’t hesitate.  The spirit of the event was contagious and they were hit with a big dose.  To take on challenge like this in only their first week takes heart.  Not only did the tackle the challenge but, unlike a lot of our members, they showed up this morning without a wimper to continue their CrossFit education.  Alec, Christie, Beverly, and Jamie exemplify what the day was all about.

After the last team finished we fired up the grill.  Chef Gio did a fantastic job keeping the meat flying off the grill.  We all had a great time and really enjoyed meeting the athletes from other affiliates. 

Thanks to CrossFit Amplify, CrossFit Naperville, and The Chiropractors for helping make our event such a huge success.  A special thanks goes out to Anthony Gajkowski of CrossFit Amplify and massage therapist.  He worked non-stop for about 5 hours.  At the end of the day Anthony handed over his tips and asked us to make a donation to the Trevor Fund.  

Thanks to all the Bulldogs who pitched in to help with set-up and clean up.  Thanks Pamzilla, Caveman, and Shane for help witht he clean up and providing some quality entertainment during the inaugural Cornhole Tournement. 

We might not have enough room to host it here next year, which would be a good thing. 

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