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  1. High Maintenance Princess

    Are you off your effen rocker? I think I’ll get my hair and nails done instead and will see you Monday, maybe!

  2. go figure

    Since most of you that DO show up, will get this done because it’s a TEAM workout. A part that some seem to miss all together. All together you have to complain and NOT SHOW up anyway. So what is your real hang up Buttercup?

  3. Gio

    911 – They will give you great compressions with trained personnel and uniforms, attach electrodes and defib your butt so that you can continue your WOD. No Slack.

    BDCF – We give you great compressions via the old lead foot method. We also give you mouth to mouth, sans the mouth ;P and expect you to not only LIVE, but to LIKE IT and then FINISH YOUR WOD!

  4. Greg

    I was dragging and feeling tired but because we needed a 3rd person to make the teams even I jumped in. Glad I did. Was it tough? yes. Is it always tough? yes. It was rather surprising that with all of our members the turnout was so low. Maybe we’ll stop posting the WODs ahead of time. Then you’ll just have to show up to find out what we’re doing. Don’t forget we’ll be open tomorrow at 9:00 for make up work and punishment.

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