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  1. anthony

    after further review, Phil we have to tell you that your time this morning was changed to a DNF. R/X is R/X and backwards double unders were not prescribed……GREAT JOB

  2. Zebra with a Wistle!

    Ha! Ok Mr. Referreedddd….

    Now, we gonna go dere hu bub? Ottay!!! You and dose unbendable appendages, (read – KNEES) need to have them checked and removed from the Neck down!

    Hip – dunno where to start. I don’t think you have one or a spare. So it’s a mutte poindt!

    Back extension – Wait, caveman and back extension is an Oxymoron! (no Tony, it’s nothing to get the homophobia up in arms about)

    DU’s – It does not stand for Doughnut ‘r’ Us in Blue! I do think you know what that means. It is NOT Birth Control Either!

    Recall and RX. Debate continues…. Instant Replay. Call from earlier Judge(s) stand, your loss of Down Caveman!

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