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Saturday Team WOD & Police Memorial WOD

The WOD:

Part I: Tire Flip.  Teams try for as many flips as possible in 5 minutes

Part II:  Team WOD competition – 4 athletes constitute a team . 

AMRAP 20 min:

10 Min

  • Station 1:Burpees
  • Station 2: KB swings
  • Station 3: Run 200m

10 Min

  • Station 1: Box Jumps
  • Station 2: Pull-ups
  • Station 3: Run 200m

All athletes begin at the same time and switch when the runner returns.  When the runner comes back in, he/she goes to Station 1 (Burpees) and everyone goes to the next station (Burpees to KB swings, KBs go to the run).  

Scoring: Count total # of reps (sum of Tire flips, Burpees, KB swings, Pullups, & Box jumps), team with the highest # wins.

Police Memorial WOD


  • Today starting at 9:30 am
  • All skills and abilities are welcomed. 
  • WOD can be modified so that you can accomplish the task.

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