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Saturday Follow-up

Great job by everyone today!  The energy was fantastic.  Watching her now it’s hard to believe Juanita had a fear of box jumps just a few months ago.  Trey, Bruce, and Juanita crushed the tire flip AMRAP nailing 125 in 5 minutes beating out Tony, Larry and Brett for top honors.  The guys rebounded in part II with a total high score of 717 reps to claim the Saturday WOD title for this week. 

As if one super hard WOD wasn’t enough, everyone stuck around to do the Police Memorial WOD.  The WOD was Randy:  75 snatches @ 75lbs.  Tony rocked this one in 4:12.  Brett put in a strong performance finishing in 6:09.  It was great to have MiWi back in the Dog Pound.  We’re looking forward to your regular appearances.  I also have to give props to Suzanne, aka Sgt Friday,  for completing Randy as Rx’d with 75lbs.  Good job everyone.

NOTE:  Starting next Saturday there will be only one workout time, 8:30AM.  Not enough people are showing up at either time to justify two workouts at this point.  Please mention this to everyone.  I’ll be sending out an email and posting it on the WODs everyday.

There will be open gym tomorrow with Tony at 9:00 AM.  Come in to work on a skill or do a makeup WOD.  Maybe tackle a WOD you haven’t done yet or one that you want to set a Pr in.  It’s up to you. 

Thanks to all of you for the great effort and I’ll see you all (a lot I hope) next week.  —GM


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  1. Anthony

    I"m sure Larry would say the same thing….Thanks to everyone who did Randy today. It’s a very tough workout, Let alone right after a team WOD! I want to thank all that came out and did a great job! All put in a great effort and pushed themselves hard! It’s great to see all those that are’nt getting R/X moving closer and really tearing it up! We’ve been saying the whole time that today you needed to come in and give it your all for those who gave it their all. It means a lot when we see somebody who realizes the bond the police have with each other and I think that the allure of CROSSFIT touches that! Thanks again, Anthony and Larry

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