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100413 – Abnormal


Happy Birthday Caveman. For time:

  • 10  x  bs  (50% max)
  • 10  x  pull ups
  • 10  x  bs 
  • 10  x  wb
  • 10  x  kb swings  24/16 (a)
  • 10  x  superman’s
  • 10  x  bs (50% max)

Big Boy Caveman is 42!


  • 20  x  burpees to bj
  • 20  x  k2e’s
  • 2    x  75lb kb sdhp

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6 Responses

  1. Juanita

    Happy Birthday Tony! Hope you have a great one! Thanks for always being an inspiration in the box as well as an encouraging coach!

  2. NB

    Uncle Tony-

    Happy Birthday… I wish you many, many, many, more healthy one’s ahead. Today is your day, do with it what you want! Just know that people like ME… thank people like YOU every day for inspiring change in US. You are great catalyst and even a better story teller.

    Thank-you for all of your help!
    God bless-

  3. anthony

    Thanks to all for the hard work and dedication you bring to the box. Without you pushing old me, I wouldn’t meet my goals. Thanks

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