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Here we are on Thursday and many faces have yet to make an appearance.  This perplexes me.  You’ve made progress.  You’ve done things you’ve never done before.  Then, you miss the next two weeks.  Maybe you have a very good reason.  Some I know do.  Only you know if you do.  There’s only two things you need to do to have great success here:

  1. Show up
  2. Do your best

I guess I should say three things, stop making excuses.  The results speak for themselves. 

In 20min.:

  • 600m run
  • 50  x  squat thrusts
  • 40  x  abmat sit ups
  • 30  x  double unders  (90 singles)
  • 20  x  push ups
  • 10  x  pp  –  95 / 65



Allan            9:15  –  singles

Christian    13:34  –  singles

Juanita       16:54  –  singles

Lupe           18:46  –  singles

Kristy          14:26  –  singles/35#

Sandy         15:40  –  singles

Rodney       13:58  –  singles

Beth            17:07  –  singles

Naveed       16:15  –  singles

Tom            14:32  –  rx

Tony           13:12  –  rx

GMaj           11:35  –  rx

Phil               9:02  –  rx

Jeff              14:53  –  singles

Marissa        14:35  –  singles

Wendy         18:53  –  55#; singles

McLarkittyoshay  9:13 – Rx

Dynomo (Molly S)  18:52 – 55#; singles


11 Responses

  1. Awesome

    Well, I would show up if you don’t make me lift a :
    1) weight
    2) kb
    3) bb
    4) anything that can make me feel like I’m working
    5) anything that will make me feel sore the day after

    But I do want to have a great ab and butt. So what can I do if I do show up?

  2. More than Awesome, I'm a crossfitter

    then how do you-
    1. Get you BIG RUMP out of bed?
    2. Get you BIG BUTT off the toliet?
    3. Get you BIG ASS around?
    4. Explain your love life?
    5. See 1-2-3-4!
    Show up and get you ass whipped into shape. Quit looking into the mirror, buying "wonder supplements", reading the BS articles and fancy diets. Iron never lies! Eat right!

  3. Somewhere on a Sandy Beach..

    I have to say that todays WOD was a hard one! Fely realy good after words, but I’m still wanting to gag! Thanks Greg and Gio!

  4. Stuck in Suburbia

    @ AM Crew: Must feel AWESOME to achieve (at least one) of your daily goal(s) before most people get to work, school, out of bed!!! etc…nothing will overshadow that feeling the rest of the day 🙂

  5. Gio

    Great job to those of you that have been putting in the hard work. You’re rewards speak for themselves, and there is video to compliment your accomplishments. Many comments abound about your commitment and it is great to see you hit your stride.

    Desire to accomplish your task, no matter what stands in your way. Anything else is LESS than what you are capable of.

  6. Greg

    I have to think that AWESOME is being sarcastic. Damn, I really hope so. Yet, that is probably the attitude many people have about working out…they want to take the WORK out!

    Since the inception of Bulldog Bootcamp there is one constant – when you show up you get results. If your idea of a workout is reading while doing the elliptical, you won’t have any interest in what we’re doing.

  7. McLar

    Finally some double unders! Man, I’m tempted to leave work early and tackle this wod. But I’ve never tried du’s under extreme duress before so…

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