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100407 – You animal

5 rounds for time of:


  • 10  x  Roll ups
  • 10  x  Reverse crunches
  • 10  x  GHD extensions
  • 10  x  Bear Crawls
  • 10  x  Squat jumps




Juanita         40:23 2x rc

Lupe            34:24 rx

Sandy          39:59 2x rc

Christian      38:08 k2e

John             38:30 k2e

Beth             39:41 2x rc

Naveed        50:43 2x rc

Phil               25:27 rx

Rodney        34:42 k2e

Trey             28:52 2x rc

Pam             39:31 k2e

6 Responses

  1. laura

    I LOVE THE VIDEOS! Go Sandy – wow – and Juanita, Lupe – you girls ROCK! I can’t wait to get back in the gym and prove to you I’m not a slacker 🙂 I miss you and keep posting your progress so i can keep my motivation up!!! GO DOGPOUND AM CREW!!! And happy Birthday Allen…I missed sending you bday wishes the other day.

  2. Juanita

    Thanks Naveed and Laura ! You guys also rock the workouts everytime you guys are here- which is what I find inspirational about our crossfit gym ! Can you belive how much strength and perosnal growth we have all developed- isn’t it amazing ? Laura- we have missed you and Sara alot, but know that you will be back as soon as you can :))Because Laurita is far from being a slacker !

  3. Jessica

    Happy Belated Bday Allen! Way to go SuperWomen!! Sandy high-five!! Where’s your video Lupe? It seemed like you were hiding…lol And sorry for being MIA with my usual 0545 crew…but (ahem!) Laura has been missing too I see, lol I don’t feel so bad (slacker!!) j/k
    C’mon Laura we got to make it tomorrow! 😉 Miss you all!
    Keep up the hard work everyone!

  4. Aaron

    That is straight burly ladies. Way to go. Work/school is going to ef me out of the PM session today – did get a quick WOD in at the office over lunch though!

    5 rounds for time:
    10x HSPU
    10x PU
    10x back ext
    10x sit ups
    10x squat jumps

    They all thought I was crazy, but 8 mins an 43 seconds later they understood: HSPU SUCK!

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