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100402 – FS & Flexdeck

The Dog Pound is closed tomorrow.  You should know why by now.  If you are not participating at CrossFit Naperville please donate.  Click the Movement for Macey banner on the right.  No, your other right.

Strength: FS   5   x   3

Flex time!


  • 10  x  dynamic leg swings forward / backward 
  • 10  x  walking lunges w/rotation towards lead leg
  • 10  x  cossacs
  • 10  x  dive bombers
  • 10  x  lunge with palm touch (*to lead foot)


4 Responses

  1. McLar

    while i’m very impressed with the skill level of the young boy in the cossac video, it made me feel dirty watching it. we all become automatically registered as sex offenders after watching that. those "shorts" are dangerous. not right g. however, i am all for watching zuzanna do some divebombers. that made me feel dirty, but in a good way.

    CrossFit Naperville CarPool tmrw!!! Let’s all meet at BDCF at say 9:15? How’s that work for everyone? G, Tony, Suzanne, Trey? I’m down with driving, but maybe we should take 2 cars? Anyone else not have a shitty car willing to drive? Suzanne..?

  2. Ugg

    While watching the boy, I know you felt right down dirty. Don’t deny it. For the girls, ZOINKS!

    What other words are there?

    Duuuuuhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Replay! Again, Again! Drooolllll girl do tsetsy puzh upz! Drooolllll.

  3. Zohan

    Don’t mess with the Zohan Cossacs.
    Take it, you know you like it. Take it like a little girl and like it.

    Come on, say it. You like the Cossacs from Zohan, SAY IT.

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