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100327 Saturday Surprise


The 0545 Crew knocking out birthday box jumps for Juanita

Be prepared for he unkown and the unkownable

Team WOD

I.  Team A) Tire flips  Team B) Mr Blob relay   AMRAP in 10min 

II.  Stations AMR per min.  (2 x 5 min rounds like FGB)

  1. Pullups
  2. Box jumps
  3. Kb swings
  4. Burpees
  5. Push Press 

III.  Team A) Mr. Blob relay Team B) Tire flips  AMRAP  10min.  

IV.  10 min Row for Cal

Going for total reps/cal.  



Can you read the above lines of text from left to right without losing your place? 

How about going back to the line or word you missed earlier due to an interuption?

What if I told you that reading static (this is what reading is right now) is going to get a BIG change when most books are being converted to eBooks and Text 2.0 is going to make reading a wonderful thing again. 

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