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100325 Thursday

See if you can spot the Jeep in this picture


  • 20  x  k2e
  • 30  x  superman’s
  • 40  x  burpees
  • 50  x  ab-mat sit ups
  • 1 mile run

For time.

How much can you bench?  You whimp!  I bet you can’t bench more than this insect, in relation to body structure and weight pressed.  Read more here.

8 Responses

  1. Off Roader'd

    Umm, does the Jeep ’07 model come with white wall Converse tires? If so, I’ll take two please. As an optional package take the rugged look of the exterior and add more PINK into it so that I can give it to my daughter. She loves Old rickety machines that function as they look.


  2. Sgt Friday

    Where can I get myself one of those fancy vests? Caveman, isn’t your body weight enough to carry around day to day?

  3. Gio

    As I was preparing to sit and enjoy my lunch today I took a peek at the little fridge that we have in the office. Oh, so lonely and empty it sits. How much a Guinness sitting there would lighten my day….*cough *cough Larson *cough *cough.

    So, I’ll just eat my lunch with a little less gusto today since it’s not paired with a great stout beer like a Guinness.

    To those of you that enjoy a great beer, this is even BETTER!

    Someone asked if Guinness was Paleo. Here is your ANSWER!

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