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100322 Monday

Here we are again.  Another Monday.  What did you get done in the last week?  Did you reach any goals or do anything that brought you closer to your goals.  In the last two weeks I’ve conquered two hurdles.  Both have been on my mind since signing up for the Masters competition of the CrossFit Games.  You can bet that there will probably be hand stand pushups and muscle-ups to be done especially if I’m not prepared to do them.  Then, wouldn’t you know, Gio puts in a workout with HSPU.  I couldn’t remember the last time I did one and I never did one as part of a WOD.  Well, I just got myself up against the wall to see what would happen and to my surprise I was able to knock a few out.  That made my day.  Then this Saturday I was determined to check off “muscle-up” off my list of things I’m not good at.  Done and done.  Not only did I get one but kept doing them throughout the day to prove to myself that I could really do it.  My praise for this from my good friend Gio?  “It took you long enough”.  And you know, that’s true.  A part of me was convinced I couldn’t do it.  But day after day I see all of you accomplishing things that you didn’t think you could.  That’s very inspirational and motivating.  So thank you all, who come in here and bust you’re asses to achieve so much, for motivating me to keep trying and convincing me that I could do it.  —GMaj


Strength:  BS   3  x  5


AMRAP in 15min.

  • 10  x  goblet sq  24/16kg
  • 10  x  kb squat cleans
  • 10  x  kb snatches

4 Responses

  1. Juanita

    Great job Greg! It is great how you and Gio lead us in our training truly by example! You teach us to not only work our strengths,but also our weaknesses! Thanks for pushing us and making our Nemesis a thing of the past!

  2. Gio

    Remember – In Zen you must Be, and nothing else really matters. You must be-lieve, be-have, be-long, be-gin.

    Also, never forget: Be-hind! You need a lot of Behind to get your butts out of those situations you get yourselves in.

    Keep in mind, I am not a cheerleader. Most of you already know that, and I will continue to give you credit where credit is due, not some diluted "woohoo" you’re doing great when your butt is not even performing close to what I know you can.

    You have earned respect, with leaving your DNA on my bars, kb’s, mb’s, toilet, tree and floor.
    The Iron has made you strong, C2 rower has made you focused, rings have made you taller and meaner, and Mr. Blob has made you dig deeper than you’ve ever dug already.

    Ready for more? "Took you long enough" to respond, now get some and then get some more.

    Just when you think you can’t do a little more, I’ll dig you up a shovel worth for you to tackle when you’re down and ready to call it a day. Smile, this too shall pass. It’s only 20min.

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