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100317 Wednesday

Nicole  –  AMRAP in 20min.

400m run

max pull-ups



Christian        40; 1.5 mi Rx

Allan             100; 2 mi  Rx

Phil                 96; 2 mi  Rx

Juanita             9; 1.24 mi; band pu

Lupe              53;  1.25 mi; band pu

Marissa          69;  1.25 mi; band pu

Molly H.          43;  1.5  mi; Rx

Mary               30;  1.25 mi; rr, row

Michael           27;  1.25 mi; band pu

Beth               43;  1.25 mi; band pu

Naveed          56;  1.25 mi; jpu

Larry               90;  1.75 mi; Rx

Dave               29;  1.75 mi; Rx

Rodney           26;  1.75 mi; Rx

Larson            63;  1.75 mi; Rx and 2 beers

Molly S.           66;  1.25 mi; band pu and 2 beers

Greg               75;  1.25  mi; Rx

5 Responses

  1. McLar

    So, I wanted to do the St. Paddys day wod, but that entails a shit ton of burpees(250) and 8 beers. This does not sound enjoyable or probably terribly safe considering i’ll have to drive home at some point, unless i sleep on the floor at cf. But perhaps we could throw in a 3rd task on today’s wod and maybe drink 2 beers as well over the course of those 20 mins. I’m thinking this can be done and would love it if others would join me. Don’t make me the one with a drinking problem, maybe you’re the one with a no-fun problem. Anyways,now the question is, what to drink…?

  2. Phil

    2 beers over the course of today’s WOD is ambitious, but I like your style. Unfortunately I went to the early show @ 5.45am, so I’m out. I will however throw down the gauntlet that the beer of choice be 1 Guinness and 1 Harp. Delicious!

  3. Le Goblet au Roten

    I’m sure that he would do it, although he would skip the Beer drinking all together since it’s not in his consumption list. He does not like beer. He’s a refined whiner (or is it wine) drinker.

  4. Avec Guiness

    Down the rafters, warm and sudsy, one Guinness down and Harps and more Guinness’ to go! Woo hiccup hoo!!!!

    Damn, Guinness is good. Since being the be stndrad I uvs goan suy dut ranson was duin trage !

    Oh, gt sum Ransmom!

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