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100315 Monday

Jessica (Garage gym), Michelle (Bulldog CrossFit), and Kathy (CrossFit Roselle) after WOD I of Saturdays two WOD training session.Tenacity.  What do you think of when you hear tenacity, or that some one is tenacious.  Aside from it being part of the name of the greatest band ever, tenacity is the inspiration behind the name Bulldog Bootcamp & CrossFit.  The Marines adopted the Bulldog as it’s masscot due to it’s tenacious nature. Tanacity is difined as doggedness: persistent determination and tenacious as – dogged: stubbornly unyielding; “dogged persistence”; “dour determination”.  For me this represents what Bulldog Bootcamp has been about from the very begining.  Knowing a workout is going to kick your ass or just not feeling great on particular day but you keep fighting to get through, with “dogged persistence” and “dour determination”.  That’s why we proudly wear the Bulldog on our shirts.  So when you start your next WOD, be a Bulldog, Be Tenacious.  —GMaj

Strength:   BS   3  x  5


15min. time cap:

  • 10  x  wb
  • 10  x  push-ups
  • 500m row
  • 10  x  sit ups
  • 10  x  superman’s
  • 500m row


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7 Responses

  1. Jessica

    p.s. Hey G.Major…I looked into ‘Of Mice and Men…and you compared Tony to Lennie.
    So your saying, Tony is all brawn no brain…sounds like an insult to me…

  2. anthony

    Viva tequila…thanks for sticking up for me Jess. Greg…Day 15 of BURPEE CHALLENGE, get busy bitches! Going on the zip line, see ya

  3. Fried Fritter Farty

    No sweat. I just love how people can justify eating crappy food daily and feeling awful, and expecting to see a great result.

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