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Hump Day 100310 Wednesday

Day 10 of the 50 Day Burpee Challenge.  20 Burpees today. 

Do the Hump Day Dance!  

Over heard at the Dog Pound yesterday:

Greg: “hey Lupe, let’s work on our hspu”

Lupe: “Ha ha, maybe tomorrow.” she said with a smirk not realizing what was in store for “tomorrow”


Five rounds for time:

  • 3  x  pull-throughs with push-up and dip
  • 6  x  hspu
  • 9  x  L-sit pull-ups
  • 400m run

Quality of Life, Not Leisure 

5 Responses

  1. caveman

    THANKS LUPE!!! I’d love to be there but calf hurts bad, sugar melts in the rain, and I’m greiving Corey! Thanks LUPE!!!!

  2. Jessica

    This was a fun workout…because the 545am crew is awesome! 😉
    You guys motivate me! GREAT job to you all!…and ohhh yeah, thanks Lupe! jk

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