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100308 Monday

Happy Monday Bulldogs.  We had a great week of training last week capped off by a spirited team Wod on Saturday.  It was great to have Patrick back with us for a few days and we can’t wait to have him back on a regular basis.  Watching him knock out Friday’s WOD in 3:04 was absolutely amazing and inpsired me to train even harder. 

Freshly off his OnRamp graduation Rodney is demonstrating he has a solid foundation and the desire to work hard.  We’re looking forward to seeing his progress.  Marissa continues to impress with her hard work and determination and continues to grow stronger.  As her skills develope she’ll be one tenacioius Bulldog to watch out for.  Naveed continues to show us all that persistance and dedication do pay off.  He never misses a workout and never gives less than 100%. 

It’s been very engergizing having Michelle, Suzanne, and Tony around to help out and demonstrait what hard work and effort is all about.  There isn’t one person that steps through the doors of the Dog Pound that I’m not extremely proud of and happy to have as a member of our family. 

Today is a new day, a new begining as each and everyday is.  Time to step it up.  — GMaj

Strength:  BS   3  x  5

Metcon: AMRAP in 15min.

7  x  kb clean              24/16kg
7  x  push ups
7  x  kb goblet sq        24/16kg


OnRamp:  3 Rounds

300m Row
5 K2 Chest (on floor)
10 Push Press 35#/20#

Michelle Larson at sectionals. She competed this weekend with Chicago area women training for regionals.

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  1. Greg Major

    Once again we find ourselves thinking "that doesn’t look to bad" as we stare at the whiteboard. But we know all to well by now what that usually means. Great effort by everyone today. Our newbies John and Sandra are picking things up really quickly and are putting in the type of effort it takes to make great strides. There were no slackers today! Way to rock everyone.

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