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FS & Caveman Kryptonite 100305 Friday

Over the next two months our own McLar (Michelle Larson) will be training with other female athletes from the Chicago area who are getting ready for the CrossFit Games regionals in May.  Each weekend they will be gathering at one of the local affiliates to partake in 2 or 3 WODs  to simulate the structure of the  games.  This weekend they will be training at CrossFit Chicago West Loop on Sunday.  The following weekend we will be hosting the girls on Saturday, March 13th.  I hope you can make it in that day and stick around for a bit to catch some of the action.  It’s very inspiring to watch athletes of this caliber compete.  Never in my life had I had the opportunity to see so many strong, beautiful, women in one place as I did at Sectionals in St. Charles, MO.  The grit and determination these girls displayed was second to none.  l came away truly inspired.  I had been thinking about signing up for the masters qualifier that will take place at the Midwest Regionals in Denver at the end of May.  After watching the Sectionals competition I didn’t hesitate to register.  

So today, when you are in the midst of today’s WOD, think like a champion.  Be your own champion.  Give it your best and don’t hold back.   Get to the “edge” and fall off if you have to. Find that next level of discomfort, that wall that says stop, that’s as far as you can go, and smash into it as hard as you can.  You might surprise yourself and just break right through and come out safely on the other side. — GM

Strength:   FS   3  x  5

Metcon:   15-12-9 in <10min.

kb swings (r)      32kg/24kg


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  1. McLar

    thanks boss. after that i better come in tonight and rock the shit out of that wod. i’m guessing i’m going to be sore everyday up until regionals. i can live with that.

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