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  1. McLar

    hey caveman, did u go in and hurt yourself yet today? i’ll be in this afternoon and prob evening as well. better have someone standing by to snap ur knees back into place.

  2. Juanita

    Great PR’s by all this morning ! Great job Jessica, Lupi and Allan on your lifts ! Great job Rosy on the pull-ups and rope climbs- my "fractured leg" sister- who did crossfit this morning ! If that isn’t dedication- I don’t know what is :))

  3. Greg Major

    Numbers good. 790 for the old man. Great group in the evening with lot’s of energy, encouragement, and fun. Molly H. put up some nice numbers while new comer, Molly S., showed solid form for having such little experience. Wendy’s starting to believe in herself more and continues to improve. Trey wasn’t feeling it in the Back Squat but posted a solid 355 dead lift. Larry was solid as always and could have gone higher than the 780 he posted. Tom was there giving it his all. Last but not least McLar posted great numbers but I can’t recall them right now. I’ll post them all in the morning.

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