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100212 Fri

*There will not be a CrossFit Kids class this Saturday as I will be at the CrossFit Games sectionals this weekend.  We’ll resume next week. — GM


  1. Tall Sn                     6  x  3     (30% sn)
  2. Scare-crow cl            6  x  3      (45% cl)
  3. Foot transition           4  x  3    
  4. Split foot transition    4  x  3


For time:

  • 10  x  dl                   225# / 185#
  • 10  x  kb swings  (r)  32kg / 24kg 
  • 10  x  burpee to pull-ups




Juanita       3:41

Lupe          1:43

Marissa       2:58

Molly          2:42 rx

Laura         3:19

Pam           2:48


Brett        1:22 rx

Christian    4:06 rx

Allan         1:37 rx

Phil          1:44 rx

Larry        1:26 rx

Tony       1:16 rx

IV            3:18 rx

Bruce      1:20 rx

Aaron      1:39 rx


The other proteins.  Powder form that is. 😉


6 Responses

  1. caveman

    if the girl in the picture on the main page can do it, when are we going to do it? Besides Larson, whose in for a winter beach workout/challenge?

  2. Gio

    Go Rock that WOD Larson. My money is on you! Belief system, check. Bad A$$ mentality, check. Good Food, check. Beer, wine and water, check. Awesome company, check.

    Wishing you and the rest of the WCCF crew best wishes on your Sectionals.

    You are great.

  3. Phil

    Go get ’em Michelle!! Do the best that you can and be confident – you’re good enough, smart enough, and dog-gone-it people like you. …We’re all cheering for you!

  4. Juanita

    Good Luck Michelle ! We are all very proud of you for representing bulldog crossfit ! Go kick some butt ! Girl power all the way !

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