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100204 Thu

For time:

row  1km

800m run

25  x  squats

20  x  walking lunges

15  x  rr

10  x  rd

5    x  v-ups


Allan        10:05 rx

Kevin       10:18 rx

Juanita     15:37 jrd

Lupe       14:03 jrd

Wendy    16:02 jrd

Trey        12:46

Larson      11:11


“Caveman’s Fishing Tournament”

Feb. 6th, 2010.  After the 9am WOD. 

Proper atire required.  Fishing tackle, rod, oars ….. etc. etc. (per caveman)

Adults: $5 

ChildrenFree.  No tourney, just for fun. 

Winners:  Men, Women – Highest Score and meters.

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  1. Gio

    @ Juannanananita
    You are correct. Now go back to work. i.e.. fb.
    @ caveman
    you missed a couple of Z’s, I know for a fact that you’re feeling like you missed them also.

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