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100202 Tuesday’s WOD

Getting to the finish line
Monday, February 01, 2010 | Posted by Andy Petranak on

Sometimes, the winner is the person who simply makes it to the starting line. But it’s not always so easy… especially as a CrossFitter. When you train as hard as we do, it’s easy to end up overtrained, worn out, injured, or just simply burned out. So how hard is too hard? How much is too much? When is it time to rest? When do you listen to the aches and pains and actually choose to do something about them? 

Getting to the starting line means being responsible about your training… scaling when appropriate; substituting out movements that make painful areas more painful; taking days, weeks, months off; resting, sleeping, drinking water, recovering; seeking out therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists when necessary. A solid training plan includes being as responsible about recovery as you are about your training. If you are, you’ll continue to make it to the starting line, year after year after year… 

What are your secrets, the rules you live by to keep yourself fresh and healthy? To keep yourself strong and ready to fight another day?

Today’s WOD

Three rounds for time:


  • 10  x  pull ups
  • 5    x  wb –  burpees  10’ target
  • 1    x  kb tgu


Brett         06:01  16kg/rx

Molly         08:20   12kg/rx

Christian    08:20   12kg/rx

Juanita     09:50   9kg / band pu

Lupe       10:10  9kg / jpu

Tony       04:16  20kg / rx

Jeff         07:53  16kg / rx

Phil          05:22   20kg / rx

Naveed    10:19   10# / jpu

Ayanna    15:08  10# / jpu

GMajor     04:57  20kg / rx

Kevin        04:19  16kg / rx

Trey        06:20   12kg  / rx

Beth        09:39   9kg  /  band pu

16 Responses

  1. McLar

    CrossFit Games Team Regionals-Affiliate Cup. Who’s in?
    Teams will have 4-7 members, with a minimum of two men and two women, a maximum of six athletes, and one optional non-competing coach.
    North Central Regional
    4/30/2010 – 5/2/2010
    The Douglas County Event Center
    500 Fairgrounds Dr
    Castle Rock, CO 80104
    Molly? Phil? Caveman? Suzanne? Who else???? I need to know now and if we don’t get a team together I will be really fucking pissed.

  2. Major

    The qualifying for the masters is also during regionals. Not sure how its going to work. I know that we can have a different team at the Games if we qualify. Either way I’ll be going to regionals.

    @Caveman, Egg Head is knot me! pun intended.

  3. McLar

    Shut the fuck up. Wait, that’s a statement. Anyways, let us know who is on board for regionals. In case people don’t know there’s a site callled and has a tab for the Crossfit Games and just click on our region and you’ll see all the info. $300/per team. We can carpool, but we need at least 2 guys and 2 girls. It’s a team wod obviously so it should be a freakin awesome time. It’s not about being the studliest team in the world, but about going to represent our box and see if we can all tear it up hardcore. Check your calendars NOW so we can get this finalized.

  4. Gio

    I agree. I’ll provide all of the Carbo loading that night before in the likes of Pizza, Pasta, Potatoes, Pastries and the likes to make sure that you have enought sugar in the blood to not let you bonk!


    Who needs paleo when you’ll have Caveman and his desire to eat PIZZA!

  5. Allan

    McLar, the Midwest Regionals sound like fun. I looked at the events from the 2009 games and sadly, I am not sure that I could get past the 7 km Hill run. Event #2 was deadlifting, starting at 305 lbs. My own DL max is 300 lb. As far as a Bulldog Team is concerned, I’m interested.
    On another note, Gio had mentioned a warrior type event this summer in the southern suburbs. I forgot what it was called, but it looked fun. Gio, what was that event and can we get a team together for that. If I can remember, it was in TInley Park, or something like that….

  6. McLar

    Awesome Allan. Team wod will not be quite as crazy as the individual Games finals of last year. A team wod is doable by all. It usually can be scaled to each person’s strength, so don’t worry about your dl pr’s and what not. And I believe you are speaking of the Warrior Dash in Joliet on June, 19th. It’s 3.17 miles over twelve obstacles. We should all definitely sign up for that but it is not a relay thing, but something we should all do together. I know several other people and bc’ers that have signed up for the NOON time slot. It’s at $55.

  7. McLar

    caveman, i’m not mean, you’re just an assclown. pizza is good. & you do realize that the Warrior Dash entails running, right? & more than 400 meters…

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