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4 Responses

  1. Bruce

    Man, what a great time last night!! So bummed to not see everyone this morning… If you all feel half as good as I do, this should be a sweet workout! Have fun, kick some ass, see you next time.

  2. anthony

    Bruce, you missed a good one. Helen tried to kick our ass, but it turned out she got whooped. Great job by all, some new PR’s. Trey, hope you feel better. Welcome to drunken crossfit!

  3. Greg Major

    Thanks for the motivation Caveman. Now I get to go climb the stairs to the top of the AON Building Tomorrow. Anyone else want to join me, Friday and Crhistie? You can sign up there.

  4. Sgt Friday

    It was total drunken (or hungover) CF this morning at the box……..I’m still try’in to get my head on straight from last night. Why didn’t someone cut me off about 2hrs earlier?????
    Great job to all the CF-ers that showed their tired, dreary, alcohol bloated, rather be somewhere else but here selves this morning! Nice job to all……..

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