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100128 — Thursday Fun House

Five rounds for time:*

10  x  russian sit ups

10  x  renegade rows

10  x  pp

10  x  candle stick**


Christian     42:39

Juanita       44:21

Lupe         43:53

Ayanna       39:11 (2 rds.)

IV             35:54

Phil           20:30

Jeff           23:43

Molly         39:59

Wendy     35:16

Trey          32:33

Beth         36:26




*Use the same kb for all exercises. 

**Use a pole for the candle stick.

For those of you complaining about the russian sit ups, try these then.  This is what I had planned first for you cry babies.

8 Responses

  1. anthony

    No sissies!!! What does not kill us only makes us stronger!!! That is why we crossfit and not do the big box. Remember, we need to come out of our comfort zone. Stronger physically and mentally!

  2. Phil

    Not only is Molly a supreme cross-fitter, but her halloween costume skills are off the charts. I still can’t believe that she made the Hambuglar’s head. That’s skiils…

  3. Mr Biggie

    That is one heck of a Big Head there Phil. It takes big shoulders to hold it, and at that height I’m surprised that you’re still standing or are you leaning up against the wall for support?

    Molly, great costume designs!

  4. Aquaman

    Don’t sweat the Petty things, Pet the Sweaty things, Ahhhhhhh… Renagade Rows My fav., Can’t Wait to make a small flood Hoovering over those lovely Kettlebells…. I want that Hamburger Head!…Great, now i’m hungry

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