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100122 — Oh Cindy


  1. Rack delivery   –   5”  x   5   (110% fs 1rm) from rack 
  2. PP  bnk          –     2   x   5   (80% P 1rm)
  3. PP                  –     4   x   5   (80% P 1rm)
  4. Tall muscle sn –    5   x   5   (40% ps 1rm)


AMRAP in 20min:

  • 5  x  pull ups
  • 10 x push ups
  • 15 x squats


 Curiosity killed the cat.  Ever hear that one?  Well, you may be that cat when it comes to finding out how you did with Espresso the first time around.

Monday, February 16, 2009 at 12:01AM

Great job today!

Lupe 32:10.00 12kg/rc/bw
Juanita 34:17.00 15kg/rc/bw
Jane 35:16.00 15kg/rc/bw
Brett 35:48.00 45#bb/rc/bw
Kirsten 30:45.00 45#bb/rc/bw
Katie 25:47.00 45#bb/rc/bw
Pam 21:11.00 33#bb/rc/bw
Tony 22:02.00 1 pood kb/rings k2e/1 pood kb
Michael 29:00.00 35#fbb/rc/bw
Greg 18:59.00 1 pood kb/rings k2e/1 pood kb
Michelle 15:59.00 35#fbb/rc/bw
Derrick 11:05.00 12kg/k2e/12kg




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6 Responses

  1. Rosy

    Thanks a lot Gio and Greg, you have my boyfriend even cracking on me for that funny pic!

    Just for that men, drop and give me 20 🙂

  2. Juanita

    Rosy – I think that it’s a great picture of you and depicts the strong girl that you are! You were just doing your deep breathing to maintain tightness and good form in your deadlift: )) tell Jose that await him for deadlifting!

  3. Fried Fritter Farty

    Yep, only that you did it with Five rounds, ring k2e, 16kg lunges, and 12/16kg rows. What a difference an RX makes doesn’t it?

    Hurting. Hurting.

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