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100120 — Wednesday’s World


A missed day is a missed opportunity.  Yesterday’s WOD was an opportunity.  It was one of those epic workouts that challenges you to keep going while your body is saying stop.  But the clock is running and once you start, you can’t stop.  You keep pushing even though you know you’re not the fastest, but the clock is still running, and will continue to run until you stop it by finishing what you started.  I hope that those of you that didn’t make it had a good reason because you can’t get this one back.  Those of us who endured it can feel a sense of accomplishment and bond in the suffering we endured to improve our lives.  Great job by everyone yesterday.  Phil continues to blow us all away.  He probably plaid hockey afterwards.  Lupe was couragous showing up without her sister, and on the heels of a week long Birthday celebration.  Well done.  Glad I did this one.  I feel so much better for it today.


Arrive early to warm-up.  We start promptly at 5:45.


  1. Mid-hang Clean pull   –      6  x  3   (78% dl 1rm)
  2. Dip squat    —                   2  x  5   (115% fs 1rm)
  3. Mid-hang Snatch pull   – –  6  x  3   (78% dl 1rm) 


Three rounds for time:

  • 10  x  pc  95/75
  • 10  x  pp  
  • 10  x  ohs

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  1. anthony

    Phil’s just playing with us. Lupe’s becoming a monster, and I’m glad i talked myself into not going home to get the much needed sleep my body wanted. I was glad I did it and even happier about the "shorts"!!! Alan, hope we get to see you one of these Saturdays. Yesterday was what crossfit is all about

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