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100114 — Thurday’s WOD

Lupe (who’s been with us since we opened our doors) works hard on the rower

At a get together the other night I was talking to some people I just.  Of course the topic got around to what I do and Bulldog CrossFit.  These guys were probably my age (52) or younger.  One guy immediately said “I’m thin and I eat right so I don’t really workout”  There in lies the problem.  We associate being thin with being fit or healthy or just good enough I guess.  If someone has been weak all their whole life they really don’t know what they’re missing by not being stronger, faster, healthier.  How do we help people understand that being thin have no correlation to being fit or healthy?  Yet that’s the goal of most people if and when they decide they’re going to start exercising.  CrossFit is not about being thin.  It’s not about fitting into your skinny jeans.  We want you to get really fit, and really healthy.   We want you to look good naked.  If your old clothes don’t fit, throw them away and get new ones.  — GMajor

Thursday’s WOD 

Three rounds for time:

1    x  hps  (75% hps 1rm)

20  x  ghd ext  x  20# / 35#(alt: good mornings)




Most of you have someone in your life that used to eat and love the CrackerJack brand snack while they were growing up.  Not just for the snack, but for the little gifts they contained.  One such item was a little decoder ring.  Well, the mention of ‘decoder’ anything brings a smile to my face as I recalled that memory of my childhood (yes, I ate crackerjacks) and of the ring. 

Going through a document written over at Mark’s Daily Apple, I came upon a referrence to a ‘Beef Label Decoder.  Man am I excited.  You will be also.  🙂

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  1. Juanita

    Love the picture sis! You have come a long way -so proud of you! Nice work this morning as Gio made us 20 lbs heavier this morning – doesn’t he realize that I am trying to lose the twenty pounds – not gain them back: ))

  2. gio

    Woohoo!!! Who here likes or loves corn? You’ve heard my little info-bit about veggies they should not eat due to the sugar content that I would love for you to not eat at all. Here is an article that gives me more of a reason to plead with you to NOT eat any Corn. Read here. >

  3. gio

    Very interesting observation on increasing loads.

    Your definition would be to EAT the LOAD and not LIFT the LOAD.

    That would be the only way that I would get you to not LOOSE your load.

    *Like the pic. Great job Loopy!

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