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Bulldog CrossFit Kids wait patiently for their turn on the floor.

Three rounds for time:


  • 30  x  kb swings (a)
  • 30  x  bj  24”/20”
  • 15  x  pp 95#/65#


Juanita     35:25

Lupe        24:30

Molly       15:20 rx

Rosy       18:26

Brett       18:13 rx

Allan       15:42 rx

Christian  32:59

Phil         15:05 rx

Jamie      24:00

Jessica   19:09

Roger     24:13

Javier     22:59

Tony       14:21 rx

Larry      14:14

Jeff         22:51 rx

IV           29:34 rx

Beth      21:46

Wendy  33:27

Tom       25:03 rx

Trey       18:11 rx



Sun, sun, Mr. Morning sun…. Remember that song?  I do, and it identifies our necessity for it’s nourishments it gives us.  Strength, power, immune system upgrade, vitality.  Here is some interesting reading regarding your physical well being, and strength / power that has a correlation to the uptake or lack there of from Vitamin-D.
1) Concomitant lower serum albumin and vitamin D levels are associated with decreased objective physical performance among Japanese community-dwelling elderly.
2) Relationship between muscle strength and vitamin D metabolites: are there therapeutic possibilities in the elderly?
3) Prevalence of sarcopenia and predictors of skeletal muscle mass in healthy, older men and women.
4) Effects of vitamin D supplementation on strength, physical function, and health perception in older, community-dwelling men.
Yes, but what about me the CrossFit Fire breather!?
1) Roid Rage Part I
2) Roid Rage Part II

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