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Are you ready for 2010?  Ready for what Gio and I have cooked up for you?  Are you ready to take it to the next level? Face you fears? Train your weakness?  Are you ready to make the commitment required to see the results you want?  You should be.  If not, take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself why?  — Major

Three rounds for time:

500m row

dl  x  12  @ bw

bj  x  21  @ 20”


Pam      24:16 rx / pr

Rosy     16:02 / 95#

Juanita  23:21 rx / pr

Molly     13:58 rx / pr

Carrie    13:12 rx

Kelly      16:16 / 35#

Marissa  17:22 / 115#

Brett      13:38 rx / pr

Mike      14:59 rx

Naveed  23:36 / 185#

Phil        11:13 rx

Trey      12:21 rx / pr

Tony     11:49 rx / pr

Larry     12:05 rx / pr

Major    11:24 rx/pr


Great job today.  Not only were there plenty of PR’s to be handed out, many found out that it’s not the body that wants to quit, but the mind.  If you internalize success in your movements you will succeed.  The same can be said of the negative voice in your head. 

Which one do you think I want for you to listen to?  Believe it, and achieve greater things.

3 Responses

  1. McLar

    Sorry I missed Chrsitine today. Looks like everyone rocked the shit out of it!! Finally decided to workout today instead of pushing around snow, Caveman?

  2. Bruce

    I sure missed doing this with you guys! Did it on my own, which really sucked, but I did it all the same… 13:54 rx
    Great turn out for the Kid Class! Can not wait to bring Ethan next week. He talks about going to "The Gym" whenever we are together!

  3. anthony

    Larson no show, we’re getting used to that. Wish I knew you were plunging, I couldnt find anyone to go. Push snow, in an apartment? Great job Bruce!!!!

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