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Almost everyday someone I’m talking to (outside of Bulldog) will tell me that what we do is too hard core or they’d have to get in shape first before they could try it (What?).  I won’t go into a rant but I’ll just present this photo of Naveed, Beth, Amy, Michael, and Mary.  Michael and Mary are in their 60’s and Beth is proud to be 50 something.  None came to us “in shape”.   But they did come with guts, drive, and determination to make a change we are so proud of them.  For those that think this is too hard, or too “hard core”, you’re probably right.

Wednesday’s WOD


dl  x  225# / 165#

bj  x  24” / 20”

rd  x  bw


Juanita       18:54 / 165 

Rosy           20:56 / 105

Marissa      16:48 / 105

Brett          10:54 / 205

Jessica       14:19 / 35 

Jamie         10:02 / 85

Michael      14:29 / 115

Larry         13:26 / rx 

Tony          8:37  / rx

Aaron        13:23 / rx

Molly         13:17 / 165

Ayanna     15:01 / 155

Phil           11:25 / rx

Jeff           14:50 / rx

Trey         12:06 / rx

Pam         15:05 / 115 

Wendy     19:29 / 105

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  1. JIm "Doc" Rooks

    Gio, your comments are just right on today! Can’t wait to meet Michael and Mary (folks in my decade) who obviously know what health care is all about and take into their own hands. Hope to meet y’all at my next visit with Brett. Anyone want to look decades younger than their stated age? Talk to Beth! Lastly, I want to lift like Tony when I grow up! By the way, we are moving our gym into larger quarters this weekend. Can’t wait.

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