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Bulldog Adopts a Family

The Sanchez Family consists of a single Mother ( Martha) who works 7 days a week to help support her four children. Her oldest son Leonardo (18yo) was not able to attend college because he saw his family’s economic need and decided that working and helping to support his family was more important.  Leonardo works a part time job at a currency exchange to make ends meet.  

Gio & the Sanchez FamilyUp to recently the whole family was living with the maternal aunt’s family  in a 2 bedroom apartment- where two single mothers and 8 children all habituated under one roof.

Gumaro Sanchez is the 10yo and the heart of the family. He attends a tutoring program in the evenings for help with his homework. On a cold winter day, he wears but a light sweatshirt. When this boy was asked what he wanted for Christmas- he answered: “ For my Mom to work less and for her to be able to spend more time with us.” Gumaro has asthma and his asthma has caused him to miss many school days and cold air is one of his triggers.

The girls are Esmeralda (11 yo) and Samantha (7 yo). They are happy go lucky girls who love to play with dolls and make believe castles- often just dreaming of the toys that they would like to have.

The Mora girls: Rosie, Lupe, & JuanitaIn the true holiday spirit, Juanita, Lupe, and Rosie Mora asked the Bulldog community to come together to help a family in need and that they did bringing in money, gift cards and clothing.  Last night the Sanchez family visited the Dog Pound and were presented with the donations that had been collected.  

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