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Dear Bulldog Crossfit Members, 

    I wanted to thank everyone for the support in our adopt a family project this Christmas season 2009. I will forever remember, as will the Sanchez family- how everyone came together to help this family in need. I think that we as a family have encompassed the true meaning of Christmas and it felt truly alive last night when the Sanchez family visited our dog pound.

     Together we raised over five hundred dollars, gift cards and clothing for them- isn’t that amazing ?  When the family first arrived to the dog pound- they were shy and reserved and there was much anticipation on the ride there. The kids kept asking where we were going and Mrs. Sanchez- kept saying that she felt truly blessed that her family was chosen as there had been a time in her life when she had lost a bit of her faith but that now she believed that miracles can truly occurJ)

      When we first arrived to the gym- the family was in awe as they saw Ayanna, Phil, Molly and Trey totally killing those box jumps and body weight deadlifts. They could not believe how hard we train in the gym- but started to slowly acclimate and feel at home in the warmth of our gym.

      The workout ended, and with many members of our gym able to be present to greet the family—we heart warmingly  presented them with our collective contributions. Mrs. Sanchez and the kids ( Gumaro, Esmeralda and Samantha) subsequently reached out to hug each and everyone of us present as a token of their gratitude. Believe me that those hugs belong to all those present as well as those who could not be thereJ)

      We then all went into a chorus thanks to youtube and Jose Feliciano to the tune of “Feliz Navidad. “ The feeling in the room was amazing !

      The family stuck around as the kids explored the rowers, the rings and the magical world of crossfit. I guess that you can say that when we all come together- we too can be magical and make others’ dreams come true.

      Thanks once again from Bulldog Crossfit and the Sanchez family. Many blessings this holiday season and we hope to do this again next year !

 And a partridge in a pear tree

Ho Ho Ho  it’s the Christmas Eve WOD

Four rounds for time:

400m run (row)*

12  x  sq jumps

25  x  k2e

09  x  pull-throughs


*Due to icy conditions, we will ice skate down the street four hundred meters and dodge the plowers.  Be cautious when you jump the curb for there will be no padding on the sidewalk to break your fall.  Look out for that dreaded black ice, it tastes awful when you make contact on it face first.

And watch out where the Huskies go and don’t you eat that yellow snow


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