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Spartan 300

I’ve never been very good at writing what I’m thinking.  It’s something I need to work on.  As in CrossFit, in life we also need to train our weakness and writing is one of mine.  In the mean time here’s some inspiration from someone who can write. — Major

All I need to know I learned from CrossFit


For time:

25  x  pull-ups

50  x  dl   135#

50  x  push-ups

50  x  bj    24”  

50  x  floor whipers

50  x  kb cl&p   16kg

25  x  pull-ups



5 rounds for time

7 wallball shots

7 pushups

7 body rows


Molly       22:50 pr

Juanita   29:47 pr

Lupe       26:28 pr

Katie      29:11 

Marissa  26:27

Beth       36:00

Wendy   43:50

Phil         17:40 rx pr

Sam        27:40 

Tony       17:44 rx 

Trey        22:04 rx

Naveed   40:40




6 Responses

  1. Juanita

    Hey everyone please check your email to learn more about our adopt a family. It’s a fabulous family who needs our help. There will be a list in the gym where you can sign up so that we can know what else is needed or which family member is missing a gift. I just want to make sure that we have gifts for all family members. Thanks again for all your help and happy holidays! just contact me with any questions or ask GIo or Greg .

    P.S. killer workout today, but that’s been all week! Oh the soreness!

  2. Gio

    The List is posted on the WOD board. Please take the time to view and select an(y) item(s) that you wish to contribute. You will be making a deserving Family very Happy this Christmas. Have you heard this yet? Christmas Shoes. It’s a great song by Newsong.

  3. Juanita

    Thanks Tony! You will soon meet our sister Rosy who has been crossfitting in California and will be joining us for workouts this holiday break: ))

    I don’t know if our gym is ready for the 3 Mora girls lol!

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