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  1. McLar

    This looks fantastic, but apparently i’m a bit of a pansy. Who knew you could tweak your hamstring while playing around doing kippng pullups? Perhaps I should lay off the ground to oh for a day and hit the foam roller hard. Missed you yesterday gio!

  2. Greg Major

    We all missed Gio today as he was out for a second day in a row. I sure hope he’s feeling better because I know he’s got to be feeling really lousy to get to the Dog Pound and administer the pain train. I hope you’re well buddy.

    McLar. yes, you are a pansy. And it was fantastic…in the same way rubbing sand paper on your eyes is fantastic.

  3. Greg Major

    Caveman and Molly rocked today. Caveman’s previous time was 28:00. Considerably faster today, while not feeling good. Molly’s form was spot on.

    Everyone who did this workout today should be proud of themselves. Great job everyone.

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